“Professional, organized, creative, caring and genuine.” “Intelligent, energetic, connected and just makes things happen.” (Or so say some of my collaborators.*)

As a freelance copywriter and journalist, I love working with creative partners who share an interest in collaborating, solving communication problems and just, you know, having fun on a project. I’m thrilled by the nice things some of them have said about my work:

“I must tell you that the article ranks as one of the best ever written about us. I am off to Washington, D.C., tomorrow and am grateful to have copies to leave one everywhere I go.”

—Warren Taylor, Snowville Creamery

“I wanted to express my gratitude for your contribution—the content ‘sings’ because of your writing.”

—Gretchen Schisla, Enrich Creative

“She’s an engaging writer whose passion for her subjects and attention to detail result in persuasive, engaging pieces.”

—Beth Dean, HOW Design Live

“Thanks again for all of your amazing questions & editing skills, Bryn. Honored to have had the opportunity to work with you on this.”

—Willo O’Brien

“She is the best editor I’ve ever had, a writer who amazes me with her clarity, and a business partner who consistently supports every project with generosity and humility.”

—Ilise Benun, Marketing Mentor

“The client loved the articles! Bryn, you did an amazing job as usual. You are a joy to work with!”

—Stacey King Gordon, Suite Seven Communications

“She’s the sort of collaborator you want to help because she works for success in general and not just her own.”

—David C. Baker, ReCourses

“Bryn, GREAT JOB! Wow, you are amazing! This is incredible. Thank you.”

—Sally Hogshead, author, Fascinate

"I love The Clara Project [on writes4food.com]! I like how you include the original hand-written recipe in your post. I like her note of 'good' in the upper corner of the card. It reminds me of going through my own mother and grandmother's old recipes...makes me want to dig them out again."

—Linda Beach, reader, writes4food.com

"Working with Bryn Mooth is an absolute pleasure from beginning to end and I would recommend her services to anyone! From our initial brainstorming meeting to the final tweaks on the written content for my promotional PDF and website, Bryn was on top of everything and made me shine! I loved working with her and am very excited to hire her soon again!" — Evi Abeler, food photographer, EviAbeler.com

"I am delighted to report that editing has been completed, and your manuscript for "The Findlay Market Cookbook" is now in the hands of the designer.  Having done this a few times myself, I know what it takes to put it all together. The stories are interesting. The recipes are wide-ranging and home kitchen friendly. And you've truly captured the essence of Findlay Market. I am confident your effort will be applauded and rewarded."

—Michael Turback, Farm Fresh Books

"The content [for Meijer's Healthy Living News publication] looks wonderful! I think you did a really good job of simplifying the technical health aspects and keeping it light and friendly."

—Gina Chitko, IN Marketing Services

(*See other recommendations of my work on LinkedIn.)