Profiles and biographies. Project case studies. Results-oriented web content. Feature articles for publication in print or online. Consumer-oriented communication. Delicious recipes. What do you need? I can help.

As an independent journalist and content creator, I develop engaging print and web content about people, projects and products connected to food, wellness and design. Here’s how I can help you:

Writing for publication

  • Well-researched, well-crafted articles about food, design, creativity, decor, gardening and lifestyle subjects
  • An editor-friendly approach to collaboration (based on my 20 years of hiring and directing freelance contributors): I’ll hit your deadlines and word counts, and follow up without being pesky

Writing for creative firms

  • Staff biographies that make you and your team shine
  • Case studies that spotlight the brilliance of your work
  • Articles for your firm’s blog or website to demonstrate your expertise
  • Content for your print marketing materials to help tell your unique story

Writing for brands

  • Compelling print and online content that supports consumer-facing marketing efforts
  • Engaging product descriptions for e-commerce or print catalogs
  • Recipes, menu plans and culinary how-tos
  • Blogging and social media communication

Editorial consultation

  • Content editing and proofreading that will take existing messages to the next level (and prevent embarrassing typos)
  • Communication audits designed to analyze the effectiveness, consistency and cohesiveness of your or your client’s messaging
  • Consultation on content planning, processes and implementation

My collaborative process

  • We’ll discuss the scope of your project, your timeline, your audience and your budget. If we agree to work together, I’ll provide a Scope of Work document that confirms the deadlines, deliverables and fee.
  • Phase 1 of any project involves research. I call this mise en place, a culinary term for the process of assembling and preparing ingredients. This research may involve interviewing your customers, analyzing your market, scoping out your competitors and discussing your goals with you. I’ll compile this research and share it with you; we’ll agree to use this as the basis for the project.
  • Phase 2, involves developing the first draft of the project. You’ll review and offer feedback.
  • In Phase 3, I’ll revise and refine and deliver the final version of the project.
  • Oh, yeah: about the money stuff (we’re all adults, so we can discuss this confidently). As a matter of practice, client projects are invoiced in three segments: one-third when we agree to begin a project, one third upon delivery of the first draft and one third upon submission of final copy.

Sound like a recipe for success? Then contact me and we’ll get started!