Kroger MyMagazine

Cincinnati-based Kroger is leading the way in the grocery sector with data-driven marketing to consumers. In fact, the company has its own analytics and marketing agency called 84.51°. The agency develops highly targeted customer communications including magazines, mailers and coupon books.

The Challenge

Kroger’s MyMagazine, a publication tailored to consumers based on their purchase histories, competes for eyeballs with consumer food and lifestyle magazines. In order to capture shoppers’ attention and remain a presence in their homes, the magazine needs to deliver relevant content and reliable recipes that reinforce consumers’ relationships with Kroger and its subsidiary brands.

The Collaboration

I work with the content team at 84.51° to brainstorm content and recipe ideas for MyMagazine, published 8 times per year. I develop and test recipes to introduce home cooks to Kroger products, new flavors and on-trend dishes. I also create editorial-quality content on food and lifestyle topics.