New work: Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 13

I’ve been working with the fantastic team at Hybrid Design in San Francisco to create content for Mohawk Paper‘s Maker publication for quite some time now. The writing I did for Issue No. 13 was especially interesting, because it challenged the way I think about the differences between fine art and design, blurring the line between the two.

For the issue, the design team commissioned illustrator Merijn Hos to create an art print — but it wasn’t just one image. Thanks to the way Hos constructed his illustration, a computer program that the Hybrid team used and something called variable-data printing, each edition of the Quarterly contained one unique version of 20,000 total prints. Mind blowing, right? It was kind hard to write about, too. 

See more of Mohawk Maker Quarterly 13 here.

New work: Portrait of an artist.

In 2015, we began publishing Last Word in Edible Ohio Valley magazine, the very back editorial page of the magazine featuring a Q&A with notable Ohio Valley people. It’s one of my favorite elements of each issue, and one of my favorite things to write. I love these interviews and the opportunity they afford me to meet interesting people and ask them interesting questions.

Our first Last Word subject was Jim Tarbell, who many people call “Mr. Cincinnati” for his roll-up-your sleeves investment in the city. I’ve spoken with arts figures including Cameron Kitchin of the Cincinnati Art Museum and Victoria Morgan of the Cincinnati Ballet. Former Councilwoman Yvette Simpson. Musicians Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist of Over-the-Rhine.

My conversation late last summer with 93-year-old wildlife artist John Ruthven may have been my favorite. Read this, and you might imagine why I fell so in love with this talented man (photographer Michael Wilson told me he did, too), who’s considered the “Modern Audubon.” When I visited his home studio, he had four works in progress, and was looking forward to a duck hunt with friends the following week.

New Work: Cincinnati Visitor Guide 2017

So, the assignment was to write about 5 iconic dishes from across Greater Cincinnati. Not fancy food, necessarily. Not things we’re 100% known for, like goetta or chili or Graeter’s ice cream. But dishes that if you’re a newcomer to the city, and you’re hopping around to the city’s distinctive neighborhoods, that you’d most definitely not want to miss.

Like a Zip Burger. This family-friendly little joint in my neighborhood dishes up arguably Cincinnati’s finest burger: a super high-quality beef patty ground to order, cooked on a flat-top and served on a soft bakery bun.

Hard work, right? I know.

Check out my profile of 5 Hot Dishes in Cincinnati’s booming food scene, part of the 2017 Cincinnati USA Visitor Guide.

New work: Cincinnati Enquirer food section.

Thanks to a dedicated new section editor, the Wednesday food section of the Cincinnati Enquirer has been resurrected. Restaurant reviewer and food writer Polly Campbell and editor Amy Wilson are breathing new — and more important, local — life into this key lifestyle section. I’m so excited to be contributing ongoing articles to the section; features so far have covered how to make homemade butter, salad dressing 101, and a roundup of what’s in season locally in spring. Check out some of my recent columns (front pagers, no less)!

Cincinnati Enquirer food section

Recent work: Mohawk Maker Quarterly

Writers truly geek out when their work is published — even more so when their work is presented in glorious, beautifully designed fashion. I’m lucky. I get to work with creative people who turn my words into really cool printed pieces.

For more than a year, I’ve been collaborating with the insanely talented people at Hybrid Design in San Francisco on a covetable quarterly publication that celebrates creativity, artistry and the maker culture. Mohawk Paper produces the Mohawk Maker Quarterly for its audience of printers, creators and designers. Here’s a look at Issue No. 7, which carries a theme of Character:



New work: Cincinnati Visitors Guide.

The Spring/Summer 2016 edition of the Cincinnati USA Official Visitors Guide shines a much-deserved spotlight on the city’s remarkable (and growing!) dining scene. For this feature package, I interviewed 5 leaders in dining, brewing and drinking around town. And the section included short stories on various aspects of local food, from connecting the dots between farm and table to Cincinnati’s brewing heritage, which dates to the 1800s. Check it out!


New work: Edible Ohio Valley Spring issue.

This issue of Edible Ohio Valley magazine celebrates the ways that food can bring people together, lift folks up and make the world a little bit better.

Plus, isn’t the cover gorgeous?

Spring EOV coverFind this issue at your favorite Ohio Valley food purveyors, including the fabulous Dorothy Lane Market and Findlay Market, plus bookstores like Joseph-Beth.

New work: Big Game magazine for Meijer.

After working on Meijer’s Taste of Holiday magazine, my client from IN Marketing Services asked, “Wanna work on our “Big Game” magazine? Hmmm … let me think about that: YES!

This was a really fun project, one that required that I haul out every football cliche in the playbook. For this 28-page publication, I drafted copy to support recipes provided by Meijer and their partners. I developed an “Ultimate DIY Nacho Bar” with all the trimmings, along with copy tidbits for each category of recipes.

Now I’m hungry!

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.37.09 AMScreen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.37.25 AM
Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.41.20 AM

New work: Organic Gardening

Imagine being asked to write a feature article — for a national magazine you’ve long admired — about making candy. Right? Impossible to turn that assignment down. Even more so when the subject of the story is Cincinnati chocolatier Shalini Latour, whose Chocolats Latour are as beautiful as they are delicious. What a fun story to tell!

Shalini, photographer Julie Kramer and I collaborated on the story plus four recipes — for chocolate truffles with fresh mint, raspberry swirl marshmallows, buttery mints like the ones you find in mom-and-pop Italian restaurants and Shalini’s own award-winning almond rosemary brittle.

Find the story out now in the December/January issue of Organic Gardening.

Organic Gardening spread 1Organic Gardening spread 2Organic Gardening spread 3

New work: The Findlay Market Cookbook.

I’m pleased as punch to share that “The Findlay Market Cookbook” has been published — copies arrived in our hot little hands yesterday. I’m very proud of the project, and thrilled with the collaboration with photographer Julie Kramer, writer Karen Kahle and publisher Farm Fresh Books.

The book is a celebration of Cincinnati’s historic public food hall, a place where I spend most of my grocery dollars and where Rob and I spend practically every Saturday morning. It spotlights the vendors, producers and growers who bring us fantastic local food. It recognizes the groove that our food scene is in, with recipes from some of our city’s finest local chefs and mixologists.

Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun. Take a look at a few of my favorite pages. And get a sneak peek at a few recipes from the book here.

The Findlay Market Cookbook is available exclusively at Findlay Market through early 2015, with proceeds going to support the nonprofit Corporation for Findlay Market, which manages and sustains the market.

FindlayMarketCookbook Cover

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