Why business cards still matter.

With so much business-related interaction happening in the digital realm, you might wonder whether such old-fashioned niceties as a well-designed business card still matter.

They do.

A great business card design makes such a strong impression. These days, it’s not so much about handing someone your card in hopes that they’ll stash it in a Rolodex for future use. A business card is part of making a great initial connection. It says you’re serious. It shows you care about the little things. It’s part of your image.

Ordering a set of business cards was the second thing I did after I launched my recipe website writes4food.com in 2010. And it was the second thing I did after I launched my business website in 2011. I requisitioned my business cards from Moo.com, the UK-based printer of business cards, stickers and postcards. Why Moo? First, I loved the diminutive card sizes—Moo mini cards are about half the size (horizontally) of traditional business cards. They’re printed front-and-back, and you can upload practically countless photos for the back of the cards. The Moo website is ridiculously easy to use, and the brand’s persona is ultimately charming. (My order arrived in a box with a sticker proclaiming “Yay!” on it. Yay, indeed!) But the best thing about my Moo mini cards is the response they elicit from people I hand them to—everyone is universally delighted by their cute smallness.

More recently, Moo launched a Luxe line of business cards—a full-size model that’s printed on deliciously double-thick cardstock. My friends at Mohawk Fine Papers, which provides the stock for Moo’s Luxe line, presented a not-to-be-missed opportunity to try the new product.

I asked Jill Anderson, who created the fabulous website you’re perusing right at this moment, if she could design the cards—I knew I wanted something really special, given the weight and finish of the Luxe cards. We came up with the idea of picturing a writes4food recipe on the back, with a QR code that links directly to the recipe.

The cards arrived yesterday in a lovely bespoke box, and I have to say: I’m thrilled with them. They’re beautiful, substantial, impressive. (And my photos don’t do them justice.) I can’t wait to start handing them out.

Want one?


3 thoughts on “Why business cards still matter.

  1. I want one. Or two. Or three! I’ll be scanning the cards for recipes. Did you make a card for those scrumptious peanut butter and jelly cookies? Yum.

  2. Like a good cookie, I like my cards crisp on the edge and fat in the center. Yours look delicious…. I will get MOO to make one-off cards for my next event. Event – specific business cards!