New work: Cincinnati Enquirer food section.

Thanks to a dedicated new section editor, the Wednesday food section of the Cincinnati Enquirer has been resurrected. Restaurant reviewer and food writer Polly Campbell and editor Amy Wilson are breathing new — and more important, local — life into this key lifestyle section. I’m so excited to be contributing ongoing articles to the section; features so far have covered how to make homemade butter, salad dressing 101, and a roundup of what’s in season locally in spring. Check out some of my recent columns (front pagers, no less)!

Cincinnati Enquirer food section

New work: Summer vegetable recipes for Cincinnati Enquirer.

Ahhh … summer. Funny how Mother Nature syncs our appetites with seasonally available produce. Right now, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, melons — they’re all abundant in our farmers’ markets, and these are the foods we crave during hot weather.

The August 28 edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer, featured my food writing — including introductory copy, six recipes and accompanying photos. Delicious! (Click on each image for a full view.)